How do I test products I buy in store?

Step 1: Scan Product Barcode - To ensure you selected a Zarty product available for testing, scan the barcode in any Walmart store. If you earn points immediately, you have the right product – it’s super easy. 


Step 2: Buy In-Store & Submit Receipt - Purchase the Zarty product and take a picture of your Walmart receipt to unlock the product test. You will then be asked to answer some basic questions about your products... you might see questions like: 

  • Do the jeans fit to size?
  • Is the paper towel absorbent? 
  • Would you recommend this product to friends and family? 

Answer the questions on the product test to earn additional points. (Note: Please make sure that your Walmart receipt is printed properly, if the receipt looks faded or torn ask a friendly Walmart associate to please provide you a reprint.) 


Step 3: Take Product Test - Answer a few short questions about the product to earn more points. Available product tests will be displayed in the Your Product Tests section on the home screen.


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